We know protein as a vital muscle builder, it is also a primary feature in many of your body’s primary functions. Choosing healthy protein snacks and meals throughout the day will give you the steady energy you need to get through the workday. Having healthy protein snacks on hand during the work week is the key to keep you feeling satisfied and focused on the job. Companies who provide employee perks like healthy snacks, instead of the usual caffeine and candy, reap benefits like boosted moral and increased productivity. Offering healthy protein snacks for the office is an economical way to keep staffers energy levels up and blood sugar levels stable to avoid the dreaded 3pm ‘afternoon slump’ known to affect over half of office workers in the US.


Perks like healthy protein meal and snacking options are a cost-effective way to give your employees the boost they need to make that pending deadline and effectively work through those tough projects. Sitka Vending in Salt Lake City, Utah can help keep your breakroom stocked with high-protein foods for a happy, high-energy staff. Here are a few of the most effective and healthy, protein-packed foods for a quick snack or lunch at the office.


Grab a Quick Snack

Quick snacks like granola bars and protein bars offer a wealth of benefits like regulating digestion, lowering cholesterol, improving heart health and aiding in weight loss. This portable energy-boosting snack features dietary fiber, potassium, sodium, magnesium, calcium, iron, vitamin E, vitamin C and thiamin. While an average granola bar contains 2.8g of protein, the mighty protein bar contains up to 20g of protein.


Treat Yourself with Chocolate

In moderation, high-quality dark chocolate provides an instant boost and combined with nuts, yogurt or peanut butter, your chocolate fix can be a great source of protein. Although chocolate only contains 1.4g of protein, it also contains magnesium which is the perfect natural stress-reducer. Experts recommend eating chocolate containing 70% cacao or higher for the best benefits without the added calories. 


Nutrient-Dense Seeds & Nuts

Seeds and nuts are, hands down, the perfect protein-filled snack. With about 25g of protein per 1 ounce serving (up to 18% of your DV of protein), a handful of nuts or seeds will help you stay satisfied and full of energy. Seeds and nuts found in both sweet and savory snacks will provide a healthy, nutrient-dense snack between meals.


Satisfying Lunch at the Office

Whether your company provides food and drinks for lunch or offers a quick-fix for an economical meal at the office, choose a filling, protein-packed option to be your best self for the rest of the day. From a quick burrito (14g of protein) to a healthier sandwich wedge (approx. 22g of protein), eating with coworkers in the breakroom or during a lunch meeting can keep the momentum of the day rolling.


Healthy Protein Breakfast, Lunch & Snack Delivery in Utah

Located in Salt Lake City, Utah, Sitka Vending offers 15 high-protein options for breakfast, lunch and snacking. Our customized vending plans will help your employees maintain energy through the day to help your company reach its full potential. From vending machines to office markets, we will help you determine the best, low-cost options to keep your employees at the top of their game. Here are our top 15 high-protein, high-energy snacking options:



Breakfast Options

Grams of


Hard-Boiled Egg


Jimmy Dean Breakfasts

8g – 23g





Cliff Bars

9g – 11g





Lunch Options

Grams of




Hot Sandwiches

10g – 14g

Philly Cheese Steak


Rib Sandwich








Sandwich Wedge




Snacks Options

Grams of




Planters Nuts



Sitka Vending for Your Office Vending and Micro Market in Utah

Enjoy full-service delivery and stocking with Sitka Vending. We proudly serve customers throughout the Beehive State including Davis County, Utah County, Salt Lake County and The Greater Salt Lake Area. The ROI for many Utah-based companies who provide their staff with in-office high-protein snack and meal options can be seen with increased employee engagement that directly affects their bottom-line. For your customized healthy snack delivery solution, Contact Sitka Vending for your free delivery estimate for high-protein snack delivery in Utah or give us a call at 801-316-8318.


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