Micro Market Vending in Utah

What is a Micro Market?

Sitka Vending Workers - UtahVending.comMicro markets are the perfect solution for a university or business that wants to provide food options for students, employees or visitors. A micro market is like a small store inside a business that is comprised of shelves and coolers that hold products employees can buy without having a cashier present. We can set up a custom micro market kiosk for your location that is regularly stocked with a variety of healthy food choices and snacks. With a self-checkout that accepts cash, card, or smartphone payments, no employee is needed to monitor your micro market. Sitka Vending offers quick restocking for your micro market when needed.

Contact Sitka Vending today for a free consultation on your needs. New customers can receive a 10% discount off their first micro market kiosk order. We look forward to setting up a custom solution to fit your unique business needs. Call 801-879-2833.

How It Works

  1. Get a Custom Solution: Sitka Vending will work with you to build a completely customized micro market for your office space or university campus.
  2. Choose Frequency: You can choose a one-time order or set up an automatic recurring delivery, based on the needs of your micro market.
  3. Get Shipments: Deliveries are made directly to your business and you can pause or stop at any time.
  4. Enjoy Your Micro Market: Save time, money, and sanity.

Micromarket Vending

Clients Using Micro Market Vending

Your custom micro market can be stocked with healthy food and snack options like salads, fresh fruits, sandwiches, wraps and cold-pressed juices. An easy-to-use micro market can be the perfect food solution for the following types of clients:

  • Education: College students and staff are more likely to make healthy food choices with a convenient micro market in place. It’s like having a convenience store right in your location!
  • Corporate Offices and Small Businesses: A micro market is a great perk to offer your employees and can be a nice enhancement to your corporate wellness program.
  • Healthcare: A busy hospital or health clinic can easily set up a micro market near waiting rooms, for a more personalized and welcoming option than a traditional vending machine.
  • Hospitality: On-the-go professionals and people on vacation appreciate not having to leave their hotel to find a convenience store.

Benefits of a Customized Micro Market

  • Micro markets are simple to use; employees and students can even set up their smartphones to pay for their healthy snack items. Other payment options can include credit cards or an employee ID card.
  • Our PCI-compliant payment system keeps the employees’ and students’ data safe.
  • No on-site employee is needed to run the kiosk.
  • Temperature controlled coolers keeps the food fresh.
  • Save time and money, while at the same time positioning you as an employer-of-choice in your industry.

Get Started with Micro Market Vending in Your Utah Location

Sitka Vending serves clients from the Greater Salt Lake Area to Kaysville. The size of your university or corporate office does not matter; we will work you to deliver the food choices you want at the times you want deliveries made — 100-percent satisfaction is guaranteed. We will tailor your custom micro market to suit the needs of your industry, your culture and your one-of-a-kind challenges.

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