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Companies who provide employees with snacks as an employee perk, like Facebook and Google, realize they have tapped into a cost-effective way to encourage employees to be more productive and happy. Statistics from a 2015 survey show the benefits of providing snacks to office employees has a big impact on overall office morale. 67% of those surveyed say that they are happy with their current job because of snacks furnished on the company’s dime. Can the key to inspire happiness at work really be as simple as providing your employees with free snacks? While this may be surprising to some, the answer is most definitely, YES!

Millennials and Workplace Snacks

While keeping the troops happy is the main goal of providing office snacks for employees, it is also proven as a valuable benefit to attract new talent. Companies who want to attract millennials (18 -34 years old) should offer kitchen perks that hold significant value for job-hunting millennials. This generation is 3x as likely to accept a job offer with a company who provides gratis food like snacks, treats and beverages. Smart companies who offer options like traditional candy and sodas along with healthier options like fresh fruit and low-calorie treats have discovered a cost-effective way to attract new employees and boost overall team spirit.

Fight the Dreaded Afternoon Slump

The weekday afternoon slump (usually around 3pm) leaves employees feeling drained of energy and sluggish. The best remedy, other than napping, is to reach for a snack as an easy pick-me-up. Half of all office employees without access to a variety of snacks at the office, leave work to go grab a snack at least once a day. Nation-wide, snack runs account for around 2.4 billion hours in lost productivity. Companies providing treats and snacks at the office will notice that well-stocked cupboards do not go underutilized by their employees. Almost thirty-percent of employees reach for an in-office snack every day and 48% consume employer-offered snacks and beverages 1-4 times per week. By providing free snacking options, companies can bypass the afternoon slump that affects 56% of full-time workers and see improved efficiency and collaboration – even after 3pm!

Potential ROI of Office Snacks

What is the return on investment for companies providing free snacks to office employees? Studies have shown that employee engagement with perks like free beverages and snacks are directly linked to a company’s bottom-line success. Your ROI, with a comparatively small office snack budget, will help build an office environment that promotes social, emotional and physical well-being of your employees. You will experience noticeably higher one-year operating margins compared to companies without important employee engagement. Yes, providing snacks for your office staff will cost money. But the true value is more than just feeding your employees, stocking your office cupboards is highly symbolic to show that you hold stock in your valued employees.

Snack Happy with Customized Snack Delivery in Utah

Sitka Vending, located in Salt Lake City, Utah, understands that each company is unique. Our individualized approach will help your company reach its full potential through customized vending and snack delivery solutions tailored to your one-of-a-kind business culture. From breakroom vending machines to fully stocked office building marketplaces, we will help you determine the best options for you and your employees. We offer a wide range of delivery options, including:

  • Cookies
  • Bottled Water
  • Nuts
  • Energy Drinks
  • Candy
  • Juice
  • Pastries
  • Sodas
  • Deli Products
  • Frozen Products

Our full-service includes stocking your breakroom and leaving it in pristine condition. Sitka Vending proudly serves customers throughout the Beehive State including The Greater Salt Lake Area, Salt Lake County, Davis County and Utah County. For your customized corporate snack delivery solution, contact Sitka Vending in Utah to see how we can help you boost employee productivity and happiness or give us a call today at 801-316-8318 for your free delivery estimate.

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