Office Snack Delivery in Utah

As Sitka Vending, we offer a custom snack delivery service in Utah. Our family-run business is designed to help companies with a unique and tailored approach to providing snacks for break rooms, vending machines, micro markets, and custom vending solutions. We deliver our high-quality food and beverages faster than our competitors and customize your solutions according to your business.

Whether you’re looking for juices, energy drinks, soda, water bottles, cookies, nuts, candy, pastries, or even frozen and deli products, we have a wide range of options that allow you to tailor your office snacks accordingly.

Contact Sitka Vending today for a corporate snack delivery estimate today! The size of your location does not matter, and we will work you to deliver the food choices you want at the times you desire; plus we won’t just drop your order at your door – we will actually stock your breakroom and leave it looking pristine. Sitka Vending serves clients from the Greater Salt Lake Area to Kaysville.

How It Works

Our team works with you to create customized snack delivery options just for your office. The process is easy and saves you time and effort with a three-step solution:

  1. Contact us to get a quote on a tailored snack delivery solution unique to your business
  2. Choose your frequency by signing up for either a one-time or automatic recurring order.
  3. Your shipments will be delivered to your office. You can pause or stop your shipments whenever you want.
  4. Enjoy your snacks, increased office productivity, and happy employees.


 Benefits of Corporate Office Snack Delivery

When it comes to productivity in the workplace, you are what you eat. A recent piece in the Harvard Business Review  points out a direct impact that food has on cognitive performance and how this can mean major slumps in the workplace. When glucose levels are low it’s hard to stay focused or energized. This means that employees working on empty stomachs will find it harder to focus. To combat these slumps which can reduce office productivity and efficiency, choose Sitka Vending to keep co-workers fed with our snack food delivery service in Utah. We offer a range of vending services with snack foods and beverages that can be installed in a small break room or throughout a building to keep your office happy. Each solution can be customized to suit your company’s individual tastes or needs.

Our service is office snacks delivered straight to your company which offers numerous benefits including:

  • Saving time and money – You don’t need to waste any money shopping at various stores and paying higher prices for individual products as you have the convenience of all your desired snacks delivered straight to you.
  • Enhanced productivity – Our bulk office snacks help employees fight hunger and afternoon slumps. With just a few dollars you can keep your team fed and focused throughout the day. Co-workers also won’t be tempted to head out to Starbuck’s or other outlets in search of much-needed fuel.
  • Increase happiness – Everyone loves a treat and our office snacks help you boost morale and remind employees how much you care.


Contact Sitka Vending for a Corporate Snack Delivery Solution in Utah Customized for Your Office

If you’d like to take advantage of our delicious and productive office snack delivery service for your company or to get a free corporate snack delivery estimate, call us today at (801) 879-2833.

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